Waste Management plans have a key role to play in achieving safe and sustainable waste management practices that are in line with international waste legislations. Our team is able to provide detailed reports of all waste generated over a specific period of time. We are able to advise the client on waste treatment options, based on report findings. We compose an effective and detailed plan that will address the handling, storage, transportation and disposal of waste.

Avro ensures that the management of waste, from routine waste pickups to large-scale environmental initiatives, will be handled with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail and in compliance with the local and international laws, governing the storage and disposal of waste.  We are very aware that the regulatory violations and any oversight can cause the company its reputation and seriously impact not only our employees but the public and the environment. To ensure this never occurs, the team is highly trained and remain abreast of the changing requirements, both locally and internationally, that affect Waste Management practices.