Avro Company Landscape Division has a wealth of experience and knowledge to design and complete challenging projects. Working closely with our European and local partners, we are one of the very few companies with the capability to effectively deliver green-roof and waterscape solutions.
We place great emphasis on creating a symbolic connection between nature and human beings. We strive to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics; providing our clients with the best possible professional solutions for each and every engineering and design challenge. Our experienced team of professionals are always ready to create the landscaping and agricultural space, based on your project needs.

Landscape Services

We offer a variety of services to create beautiful designs that will accent the style of your home, or business and will over time, boost its value. Whether our clients want to refresh their landscape with new plants, renovate their old plant beds or require an entirely new landscape look; Avro Company is able to deliver.  We have a team of experienced professionals who think outside of the box and can design and supervise your landscape projects from beginning to end.

Agriculture & Farming Services

  • We provide soil selection and analytic services as well as fertility and composting services. We have the expertise to assists farmers with addressing soil fertility issues to increase crop quality and yield.
  • Land management Services: Help optimize AG land usage by improving tilling, draining, excavating, clearing, rotating, fertilizing, irrigation, and harvesting techniques.
  • Veterinary Services: Provide medical attention for AG animals, such as working animals and livestock. This includes emergency care, diagnostics, treatment, and hospitalization. Common procedures include reproductive care, ultrasounds, x-rays, vaccinations, and milk services.
  • Fencing: Companies erect fences or barriers to establish perimeters and retain animals.
  • Biocide Services: Apply or supply herbicides and pesticides to farmlands; this includes crop-dusting services.
  • Biotechnology: Companies provide genetically-modified organisms, develop vaccines, provide bioanalytic services, and crop cloning.
  • Grooming services: Maintain animal appearances via bathing, shearing, and trimming processes.