Making Football accessible for every child!

Peshmarga Academic football club Duhok is firmly established in association with Avro’s sponsorship program.

PAD (Peshmerga Academic Duhok), provides the chance only to children of martyrs and unfavorable financial and social circumstances, ranging from the age of 13 to 16 years.
Avro supports the youth to be able participate in team-sport by providing them with tracksuits, work-out outfits, logistic & transportation and accommodation.

Avro’s aim is to help the children feel confident, enjoy themselves and feel like they are important in this community by supporting a positive atmosphere at the game and facilitating all necessities for them to play football twice a week. The comfort we provide does not only happen in Duhok, as they get the chance to participate in national competitions in all provinces of Iraq.
Playing football is a time for the young teenagers to develop their technical, physical, tactical and social skills. We focus on these aspects rather than exclusively on winning every football match.

The children are thought to learn from their own mistakes by encouraging them to think about what they could have done instead and continuously remind them of their strength. In this manner, they are motivated to become mature and self-confident individuals.

We strongly believe that children are our future!

CEO Avro Company