In a society driven by automation, manpower still reigns, as there are still services that a machine cannot carry out as well as a human can.  Therefore, to remain in sync with the needs of our clients, we provide a workforce that is as versatile as it is agile and efficient. The company’s goal is to understand the needs of the client and match those needs with the best suited individual.

Avro Company is able to provide a variety of human resources services, to include general labor, professional services and manpower to fit a specific skillset.  We ensure all individuals are vetted and pose no security or health risks. Not to mention, visa applications and residency will not be a problem as we take care of that too. (See our Visa and Residency services for more info).

We are pro on placing key employees with their employers. We understand the requirements, needs and the Scope of Work for each client; enabling us to recruit the most suitable and best employee for long term success.