AVRO Company was established after the historic fall of the Iraqi regime in 2003.

The founder’s first initiatives were to form work delegations from The Netherlands to Erbil. In April 2004, the first project started:  a water bottling plant located in the mountains of Kurdistan, with machines exported from Italy and France. The machinery was assembled by a Belgian Company that also provided necessary training to the local team. The second project followed in 2006 when the main water station of the Duhok Province in Chemberekat had to be renovated. A complete renovation was done, regarding the pumps, motors, reservoir equipment and generators to backup the national electricity.

AVRO continued with successful contracting and constructing projects in the Kurdistan Region, until its cooperation with Van den Berg Group in 2012. Since then, Avro has grown and become active in 18 fields with several partners and international companies.

Now AVRO Company has tight relationships with key individuals working in pivotal areas of construction. Our wide range of relationships with architects, engineers, designers, project managers and suppliers, always assures each and every client a fast response and keen attention to each individual project with high quality of service, along with competitive and reasonable pricing.

We provide our partners and subcontractors a significant volume of work and, in turn, obtain respectable reductions in standard pricing which we pass on as a benefit to our clients. Working in commercial places with highly detail-oriented suppliers, we take pride in meeting deadlines and exceeding quality expectations while staying within or under budget.

Our confidence, years of experience and industry knowledge, allows our company to offer clients a comprehensive and rewarding result on all our work. Our job is only complete once the clients are 100% satisfied.